Thursday, December 16, 2010

Food for thought...

                                             you come to love not by
                                           finding the perfect person
                                                 but by seeing an
                                          imperfect person perfectly.

-love this and it kinda hit home with my heart.
    - Lord I pray that i can remember this every moment of everyday and apply it to my life and the ones in it. amen

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Can't believe its December...

Nae thought it was so fun pushing Michael around in the baby stroller and he loved it!

I made her this skirt for Thanksgiving. My grandma gave the fabric to me. Adorable vintage orange material with tiny white polka dots. I am planning on making her a Christmas one too. They are so fun to make and grandma also gave me some vintage ribbon. So I plan on using it on the next skirt.

She was actually having fun posing for me!

Two cute. Michael was laying just like his daddy looking at the computer.

Way to go honey! Always providing for your family! We love you!

Sorry about the bad inside pics, it was dark outside so not good lighting at all! I got the idea to put tiny marshmallows in a jar with a candle from Anthropologie. (an awesome store for adorable decor ideas!)

OK. so my mom made this macrame wreath when she was 15. I loved it!

And they hung up the stockings by the chimney with care, in hope that... Christmas would soon be there!

surprises all wrapped up with love

Sitting in our warm house, watching the beautiful snow fall, setting up Christmas decor, listening to Christmas music, wrapping gifts and lighting candles. My mind wonders at how we are so blessed and don't even know where to start counting. Thank you Jesus, and help us to not forget the reason for the season...YOU! May the Lord bless you this Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. Natalie

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moments from around the house

OK so its been like forever since I have updated my blog, and I am so sorry you all had to look at the same pictures for so long! I kept having problems uploading my pictures and since I am not a computer person, I kinda got discouraged. But it worked ok this time, so I am praying it stays this way! Sorry all I have are pictures of our children, that's all our life has been lately! But we are enjoying them and the smiles they bring to our life. May God bless your day! Natalie

Precious little guy taking a nap on his favorite spot... Daddy and Mommy's bed.

Went to visit mommy today and came back with corn rows... so cute!

Nae LOVES to help with Michael and it is so nice! ( like when I am trying to get supper ready and he decided he is starving!)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Our Newest Arrival!!!!

Well it finally happened! We got a little baby! Came yesterday around 6:30pm. Nae thinks he is so neat, but can't figure out why she can't give him high five. Wants to kiss, hug, point to all his body parts, hug, give him his bottle and hug some more! She is a great big sis!
big sis, little bro
Facts about our new little man:
name: Michael Timothy
age: almost 3 months
eats: every 4 hours
personality: happy, content, coos and gives beautiful smiles
is loved by: Daddy, Mommy and Danajiah

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Asking for your prayers...

Last week we had our visit with Miss D.'s case worker. She comes out once a month to see how things are going and to give us an update on how it is looking with mom. They have asked us to consider adopting her. Wow! Not how we thought we would start our family, but we do realize that our will and the Lord's will are two very different things sometimes! So we are praying for a very clear sign from above. And it may not happen, you never know till you sign that last court paper. So please pray that we will keep open hearts and minds and that our Heavenly Father will be glorified through the whole thing!
Da'najiah Brynae

Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Fun Weekend

I am waiting for my husband to get home from the field. Getting ready to start sewing a fleece blanket. The one on our couch is just a lap blanket and my dear husband is tired of trying to figure out which part of him he wants to stick out:( So JoAnn's was having a super great fleece sale and I got some! So excited. I LOVE good deals! Anyway about my weekend! I spent it with my mom and daughter! So FUN! Friday we went to the Springfield Flea Market Extravaganza. I went looking for a bookcase. I am tired of books not really having a place to call home. Didn't find one but found a really cool place to order one. Think that's what I am going to do. Found a couple little things, but mostly just enjoyed the day! Saturday we went to "Taste of Troy". It was in downtown Troy, OH., on the square. Anybody who had a store or restaurant in Troy or surrounding area could have a booth. Didn't buy anything but some delicious food. There was a ticket booth were you could buy food tickets for a $1 and then go to each booth and get something small for either 1 to 5 tickets worth. It was a fun Saturday morning!
I thought this too cute not to share, before we left Saturday morning I did a load of laundry and Miss D. loves to help wherever she can. So she went and got her stool. My goodness she thought she was NEAT!
Pretty cool old radios
The cutest little fan till we looked at the price...$85!
OK, so this phone was not neat to say the least. It stood about 3 ft. tall
and was brass. Gross. But we got a good laugh!

Adorable little chairs
Shop till you drop
My fun finds, a cute glass bottle and a towel hook for our laundry room
Taste of Troy
It was such a beautiful bright sunny day
This little girl was not scared of this pig whatsoever, Miss D. was a whole different story. She did not like him up close.
Sidewalk chalk art
Isn't this neat? Wish I could bake bread like that!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Time to Sow and A Time to Harvest

My husband is living his dream right now. I am so thankful that he loves his job. We have been going to the field almost every night. Taking supper and riding with him. Miss D. LOVES it! Wherever there is dirt she's there!
It was a breath taking evening...the sun casting it's warm rays across the golden fields
a girl and her dad
Big Big Tire, Little Little Me
Kenton driving the combine
Sam driving the tractor
Eaitng supper in the combine, grilled ham sandwiches, chips, and fruit cups
I found a treaure!
unloading on the go
playing in the cornfield
unloading the grain cart into the semi, daddy driving the semi
Bye-Bye, see you next week! Have a blessed day with Jesus!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sink Camp Out

Every Year us Sinks get together and have a grand ole time playing games, eating scrumptious food, fellow shipping, and best of all dressing up! Each year we come up with a different theme. This year was "The 50 States". Pick a state and represent it.
The winners of Bible Puzzle Treasure Hunt
My Honey and Uncle Randy catching up
Representing Ohio, Grandma
Representing New Jersey, Mars Candy Factory
Uncle Calvin and Aunt Deb
Representing Wyoming
Chet and Caden
Representing Hawaii
Amanda and Cambria
Representing Oregon Lighthouses
Aunt Carol
Representing New York's Statue of  Liberty 
Lynette and Lauren 
Representing Kansas Jayhawks
Representing Vermont's Maple Trees
Representing New Mexico
Uncle Dale and Aunt Mary
Representing Florida Sunshine
To Sweet!!!!
Kylee and Danajiah
lots and lots of 4-wheeler rides
Our own Starbucks! A yummy tradition!
My cute little sis
Cooking Hamburgers
Beautiful music
The trampoline: used for hours of entertaining and sleeping on
Reece Chapman
Payton Lee