Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Fun Weekend

I am waiting for my husband to get home from the field. Getting ready to start sewing a fleece blanket. The one on our couch is just a lap blanket and my dear husband is tired of trying to figure out which part of him he wants to stick out:( So JoAnn's was having a super great fleece sale and I got some! So excited. I LOVE good deals! Anyway about my weekend! I spent it with my mom and daughter! So FUN! Friday we went to the Springfield Flea Market Extravaganza. I went looking for a bookcase. I am tired of books not really having a place to call home. Didn't find one but found a really cool place to order one. Think that's what I am going to do. Found a couple little things, but mostly just enjoyed the day! Saturday we went to "Taste of Troy". It was in downtown Troy, OH., on the square. Anybody who had a store or restaurant in Troy or surrounding area could have a booth. Didn't buy anything but some delicious food. There was a ticket booth were you could buy food tickets for a $1 and then go to each booth and get something small for either 1 to 5 tickets worth. It was a fun Saturday morning!
I thought this too cute not to share, before we left Saturday morning I did a load of laundry and Miss D. loves to help wherever she can. So she went and got her stool. My goodness she thought she was NEAT!
Pretty cool old radios
The cutest little fan till we looked at the price...$85!
OK, so this phone was not neat to say the least. It stood about 3 ft. tall
and was brass. Gross. But we got a good laugh!

Adorable little chairs
Shop till you drop
My fun finds, a cute glass bottle and a towel hook for our laundry room
Taste of Troy
It was such a beautiful bright sunny day
This little girl was not scared of this pig whatsoever, Miss D. was a whole different story. She did not like him up close.
Sidewalk chalk art
Isn't this neat? Wish I could bake bread like that!

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