Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moments from around the house

OK so its been like forever since I have updated my blog, and I am so sorry you all had to look at the same pictures for so long! I kept having problems uploading my pictures and since I am not a computer person, I kinda got discouraged. But it worked ok this time, so I am praying it stays this way! Sorry all I have are pictures of our children, that's all our life has been lately! But we are enjoying them and the smiles they bring to our life. May God bless your day! Natalie

Precious little guy taking a nap on his favorite spot... Daddy and Mommy's bed.

Went to visit mommy today and came back with corn rows... so cute!

Nae LOVES to help with Michael and it is so nice! ( like when I am trying to get supper ready and he decided he is starving!)

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