Friday, June 22, 2012

Wheres Waldo?

Ok, did you ever look at those books " Wheres Waldo" when you were a child? You open the book and both pages are totally filled with people, animals, art, you name it, it was there! And you had to try and find this little man, wearing blue pants and a striped red shirt. Well I kinda have felt like Waldo in the last year since I have not blogged. So much has happened. But I have found myself wanting to get back to blogging! I will try to make it short and sweet and then hopefully keep up with it:) So many have told me I need to do it and I want to! Its just time flies by these days!

                                          Num. 1: We carried our first child for 43 wks!

Num. 2: We had our little girl at home and everything went amazing!
We will call her Little S:)

Num. 3: When Little S was 2 wks. old we went to Fl.
to visit my sister at collage and my grandparents who
spend the winter there.

Five Generations


Little S is named after her great great grandma.
My grandpa's mom had 5 boys and no girls.
They all loved it that we used her name!
Wish I could have met this amazing women!
This is one of the 5 boys and my AMAZING godly Grandpa!

Num. 4: Are foster girl went back to her Mother.
We will never forget you "D" and miss your beautiful smile!

Num. 5: When Little S was 2 mon. old we spent 2 wks in the hospital
praying over her body that God would choose to save and heal our baby.
She had RSV

It taught me so many things....
Not to take a moment for granted and that they are His and
he knows their life!

Num. 6: We got our planting done! Early!

Loved to ride in the tractor with Daddy!

Num. 7: Little M went home to his relative.
We miss him so much, his energy and big personality!

Num. 8:
Little S turned 3 months!


Mun. 9:
Little S turned 5 months! Thank you Jesus for our beautiful daughter!