Monday, December 16, 2013

Our little Zoe

Well its about time! My blog decided that it wanted to work for me again! I have no idea what its problem was. But hopefully it won't happen again, I don't know anything about computers, so they have to solve their own problems! But I thought I would do a post about Zoe. She is 6 1/2 months now and the cutest little chunker you have ever seen! She is sitting up and loves when big sis plays with her! She is our cuddler and can put up quit the scene if she thinks its time to be held again! I don't always get much done in a day. I am trying to learn that its OK! All to soon my babies will be grown up! I am trying to learn to cherish the moment and live in the moment. Not wish I could be cleaning the house, baking, sewing, reading, etc. But enjoying the moment that the LORD as blessed us with!

This little daughter of ours, is just like her daddy!
Its amazing how many times the oldest acts so much like me and the little acts like Daddy!

Big sis makes an amazing babysitter!
Have a blessed week with the LORD!