Saturday, May 21, 2011

I am finally back and with some home updates...

    The first home updates is that we are adopting our little foster girl, Danajiah Brynae. And the second is that Jan 3, 2012 we will have a baby! Lord willing:) So yeah our life is busy! And the third is just make overs we have done around the house. But thats all hardly a good enough excuse to keep you dear friends looking at the same ole pictures FOREVER!

our princess

Before we got nice white trim put up. Don't have a after picture.

Before laundry room:
After Laundry room:

Before front door

After front door!
Turned out just like I wanted! And thats always a good feeling!

Beautiful flowers from my Mothers greenhouses!

And we can not forget our precious little man! Oh how we love you and you make us laugh with all your goofy expressions! We pray for your future and that God has big plans for you!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

spring anticipation, projects, and new progressions

I AM BACK! Yeah for my sister! Her computer is my new hero!( and she is too!) Here are a few new things that has happened around our home. I will have alot more to share next week!
We had a engagement party for my sister-in-law and her man. Had alot of fun but I didn't personaly take any pictures. So sad. But when you are the hostess, you can't do everything!

Revonvating our picture board...
Mounted cork board squares and then surrounded it with trim

And now all our pictures fit nicely!!!

So tired he just feel asleep on his puppy! So cute!
I love Modge Podge... Had heard others talk about how fun it was, so I tried it and it is alot of fun!
I paintd a canvas board. Made my lettering and pear on the computer, printed it, cut it out, and traced them onto my material. Cut them out and glued them to my canvas with the MP. Done. And I have so many ideas I want try! I didn't like how my paint turned out on my canvas, next time I will brush instead of roll.
New bathroom cupboard... Before
I had been wanting a small cupboard to hang above the toliet and I found one at my favorite store...Goodwill!

Valentines gifts for Grandmas and a dear friend.
Covered soup cans with paper and prettys.
Finished with flowers. Nae even helped me make homemade chocolates.
 I saw them and the how to on someone else's blog.
I can sit up all by myself!  And crawl and pull myself up.
 I am making my mommy watch me all the time now!
A touch of spring! I can't hardly wait!

Found this pot of moss. It was green and it said it liked low light and high moisture,
 perfect for the bathroom!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I am so sorry!

OK.... So I can't download pictures on either computer! Sooo maddening! I want to show you what projects we have got done, but thanks to tec I can't :(  it sure is nice when it does work! Hope you have a nice day and I will see if I can't get something worked out! God bless, Natalie

Saturday, January 22, 2011

christmas snapshots and sewing projects

me with the love of my life

michael with the adorable owl hat my sister made for him...
for more of her beautiful creations visit:

sewing projects: skirts for Nae,
a double knit skirt

the pocket on this skirt

thanksgiving skirt: vintage orange with tiny polka-dots
and it looks like it needs an iron

christmas skirt: with vintage lace around the bottom

worn with red shoes

sweater pillows, so fun and fast to make