Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sink Camp Out

Every Year us Sinks get together and have a grand ole time playing games, eating scrumptious food, fellow shipping, and best of all dressing up! Each year we come up with a different theme. This year was "The 50 States". Pick a state and represent it.
The winners of Bible Puzzle Treasure Hunt
My Honey and Uncle Randy catching up
Representing Ohio, Grandma
Representing New Jersey, Mars Candy Factory
Uncle Calvin and Aunt Deb
Representing Wyoming
Chet and Caden
Representing Hawaii
Amanda and Cambria
Representing Oregon Lighthouses
Aunt Carol
Representing New York's Statue of  Liberty 
Lynette and Lauren 
Representing Kansas Jayhawks
Representing Vermont's Maple Trees
Representing New Mexico
Uncle Dale and Aunt Mary
Representing Florida Sunshine
To Sweet!!!!
Kylee and Danajiah
lots and lots of 4-wheeler rides
Our own Starbucks! A yummy tradition!
My cute little sis
Cooking Hamburgers
Beautiful music
The trampoline: used for hours of entertaining and sleeping on
Reece Chapman
Payton Lee

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  1. hey! (: so excited i found you blog! it will be fun to keep in touch this way! (: have a blessed day!