Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Some snippets from our week...

Finding joy in our everyday life...
If you have not read the book, I highly recommend it! I only get to read a paragraph, a page at the most at one time, but its so inspiring!! Ann Voskamp, wrote "One Thousand Gifts". I promise it will bless your soul and change your life!
Being thankful...
For the Fourth of July...
Our freedom in this country to worship Jesus Christ!
Also Zoe's turned 5 wks. old and we had our 5th anniversary!
So we thank the Lord for our marriage and the blessing of being married to my best friend!
Sophia enjoyed the socializing and food! A daughter after my very own heart!
Thank you Lord for her part in our family! She is a blessing straight from heaven!

Thankful for our feathered friends who enjoy their meals right outside the living room window!

Thankful for baby grins and coos, that melt a Mama's heart!

Look at those beautiful eyes!
Loving the fact that she is becoming more and more alert to whats happening around her,
but sorta sad my newborn is gone:(

Thankful for big Sis love! Another moment that melts Mama's heart is when Sophia pulls up her little purple stool and has a talking session with Zoe and Zoe just coos and smiles at her in adoration!

Sorry about the kink in your neck... not sure how to flip it!

Thankful for family favorite recipes...
Thought I would share our yummys with you!
( I do not add all the sugar that it calls for, but its your cobbler, your choice:)

I love to come up with a new mixture of fruit to try!
Thankful for a giving-very kind hearted-Mother-in-law,
she shared some of her fresh out of the garden raspberries with us, and then I added some blueberries.

Its just when you make your cobbler, don't forget the baking powder!
You should see more cake then this, ours is all on the bottom. Thankful it was still good!
I considered not posting this, but you know I shouldn't post all the good looking perfect pictures, cause that's not our life at all! The real me, is forgetting to put something in a recipe!

As you can see, it was still yummy!
Hope you all have a good week and see how many things you can find to be thankful for, and remember to thank Him for he is worthy of our thankfulness!

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