Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Love... In The Form Of Laundry

Little girl dresses, man jeans, scratchy towels and bed sheets...
Flapping in the wind and smelling of sun-kissed lavender!
I love just about every house hold chore, but laundry is my favorite! I believe every chore we do is a token of LOVE towards our family! Jesus said," In whatsoever you do,do it as unto me!" Col.3:23
Sophia loves to help hang it and then run though it giggling! Oh how that laugh is contagious!
Makes me run and get the camera and capture the moments for tommorrow my daughter will be hanging laundry for her own family!

I learn alot from my eldest...
pure joy, for every moment, is the one she is always teaching me!

How I do my laundry day...
1. Sort laundry the night before, that way as soon as I get up I can get it going.
2. Put a load in the washer and add a scoop Charlie's soap and 3 drops of lavender essential oil. ( I use Charlie's because I have found it to be best for my cloth diapers. I was having a problem with them smelling like wet dog. So I washed my washer out with viniger, stripped my diapers 3 times and now use a detergent that does not leave a film in my washer. I also use oregano oil instead of lavender. Its a germ killer. Before I used Charlie's soap, I made my own and used that for the clothes and Tiny Bubbles for the diapers. But my homemade is what was leaving the film. So now I use just one kind and its not to expensive, especilly when I am saving my cloth diapers in the long run!
Fabic Softner is hard on your clothes and another expense to your grocery bill. I used viniger, it works but I didn't like to bury my face in the laundry, using the lavender oil, I want too:) And lavender is a relaxing oil.
3. I either hang my laundry on the line or on a clothes drying rack. Depends on the weather or if I can get outside to hang it up! I try not to use the dryer to often. But some days it just needs to be used! Its one of those days I am tired and the girls are needing me every other second and its the fastest way to get the job done! I do put the towels in the dryer after they come off the line, my family likes fluffy towels!
Happy laundring! I am off to wipe tears and hold my babes!
So no time to spell check:(

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  1. Laundry never ends it seems, but I love seeing it on the line. And I'm so thankful for clean fresh clothes!!