Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A song on my counter and in my heart

These thoughts have been running though my mind and heart this week. Thoughts of worshiping Christ all though the day and in every moment of my day! Maybe more so since the birth of our second child. It seems the last 3 weeks since she has arrived, well lets just say my eyes have been burning with the lack of sleep! (yawn) I am not complaining in the least, she is so precious and I value my time with her even if it is at ten, and two, and two-thirty, and four-thirty, and six and then finally I just stay up at seven-thirty! But I just get so tired all day and I don't feel like my mind is alive any more. Some days I can't even make a complete sentence make since! But still I can feel the Lord pulling me into a never ending time of worship with Him. Telling me that He and I are doing this day together, He is helping me get though each job and each time I discipline my toddler! He is always by my side! I may not have a moment to sit and study His Word, but if I can hum a song or just read the words, then I am in worship with Jesus! I am thinking on thoughts of Heaven and then my earthly problems don't seem so major! When I feel the lack of joy, and worship in my life I always wonder if my driveway is doing the praising of His holy name instead. For it says if we fail to praise Him, then the rocks will! (can't find the verse:( So my goal is to praise Him every moment! 

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